Infrastruct Asset Management Services Limited is an independent company providing a wide range of specialist services to the construction, engineering and water infrastructure industries in Ireland, UK and Iraq.



What We Do

Infrastruct AMS offers our clients specialist Inspection, testing and investigation of all types of structures including:

successIndustrial buildings
successSingle and multi-storey structures
successBridges (concrete steel and masonry)
successDrinking water reservoirs
successFarm buildings


At Infrastruct AMS we have a dedicated department focused on monitoring, cleaning, chlorination and refurbishment of drinking water reservoirs in accordance with the requirements of EPA Drinking Water Advice Note 10 ‘Service Reservoir Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance’.  All our systems and practices are designed to meet specific site requirements and our working methods and control procedures comply with the latest Codes of Practice and specifications.

Refurbishment works, relating to large cold water storage tanks including re-coating services, installation of rodent/ insect screens, fitting of new lids and vents and total tank replacements are carried out in compliance with the Water Research Council guidance and Water Supply Regulations, with due regard to the relevant sections of ACOP L8 ‘The control of legionella bacteria in water systems’.

The Team

Our Team

In recent times, the cleaning and chlorination of drinking water reservoirs has become a standalone service within itself and not just part of refurbishment schemes. With more public pressure and legislation on water organisations and County Councils to ensure satisfactory water supply and quality, operating organisations are now implementing cleaning, inspection and chlorinating programmes as recommended by EPA Advice Note 10.

Infrastruct AMS operatives are highly experienced and fully understand the technical and health & safety requirements for cleaning, inspecting and chlorination of water storage facilities. 

Our team on-site will be confined space trained, will have SafePass, Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels training, and our operatives hold MEWP cards and are dedicated to providing a high level of service while minimising the disruption to the water supply.

Dr Thomas Callanan

Ireland Enquiries
Tel: +353 (0)5786 00738 M: +353 (0)87 2082495 | Email: tom@infrastruct.ie

Thomas graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from University College Dublin in 1998 and completed his PhD research in UCD between 1998 and 2002.  He worked in consulting engineering between 2002 and 2007 for two well-established US firms in Ireland and the UK and his primary focus was the structural inspections, materials testing, structural assessment and repair of bridges and other civil engineering structures in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and in England.
In 2007, Thomas took up a position as Structural Testing Manager for a large materials testing firm in Ireland and was later appointed to the Board of Directors of that Company.  There, he managed a highly focused engineering team carrying out a range of both site and laboratory based testing and monitoring of materials and structures.
As the Principal Engineer and Company Director with Infrastruct AMS, Thomas will continue to insist on accurate and reliable testing, investigation and condition assessment services using the latest equipment and methodologies in accordance with European Standards.
For all enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Thomas Callanan.

Markus Denton-Masih

UK Enquiries
M+447739154 684 | Email: markus@infrastructuk.com

Markus graduated in Mechanical Engineering (BEng) in 2002 and has gone on to hold several successful positions in the technical, engineering and ndt equipment sales roles. Markus’s career has spanned the sectors of Industrial Dispensing; IT Security; Safety at Height; Online Commerce and most recently Portable NDT Equipment. With such a  broad range of experience in the corporate environment and an active involvement in the community, Markus brings a wealth of skill and ability to the team at Infrastruct Asset Management Services.

Understanding of non-destructive testing and innate engineering acumen allows Markus to solve problems and bring unique solutions to his clients at Infrastruct Asset Management Services. You can contact Markus directly in the UK office in Bedford on markus@infrastructuk.com