Concrete Testing Services in Ireland

May 21, 2014
Infrastruct Asset Management Services Limited is a special structural testing and investigation firm with the capability to inspect and test concrete structures and investigate the cause, extent and severity of deterioration and defects to advance a cost effective repair and rehabilitation strategy.
LPR Lamberton Tower - BlogWe have a wide range of testing equipment for concrete inspection, concrete testing, and concrete investigations.
All our services are supervised by expierenced Chartered Engineers and our reports are checked and approved by Chartered Engineers.
The most common concrete testing services include the following:
 –  Cover to reinforcement using the Proceq ‘Profometer 5+’;
 –  Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys using the Hilti ‘PS-1000 X-Scan’;
–  Concrete quality assessments using the: 
     * Proceq ‘Silver Schmidt’ rebound hammer;
GPR in Caher Court - Blog
     * Proceq ‘PunditLab+’ ultrasonic pulse velocity meter;
 –  Corrosion assessment using the:
     * Proceq ‘Canin’ half-cell potential meter;
     * Proceq ‘Resipod’ resistivity meter;
     * Germann Instruments ‘Galvapulse’ LPR meter;
–  Concrete Permeability using the Proceq ‘Torrent’ permeability meter;
–  Concrete Strength determination using cores from the structure;
 –  Crack Assessment using site microscopes.
UPV Arklow Bridge - Blog
For more information on the above techniques or any other type of construction-related testing, please contact Dr Thomas Callanan in Infrastruct Asset Management Service Limited.