Our Structural Testing and Investigation Department provides Clients with a wide range of specialist services focused on giving accurate and structure-specific condition assessments that will enable  cost effective repair and rehabilitation solutions to be prepared.

We provide rapid, reliable and structure focused testing and investigation services using the latest testing equipment and techniques.  All our services are carried out to the latest European and British standards where possible.

  • Cover survey
  • Hilti PS1000 GPR Survey

Our Specialist Services include:

Structural Inspections & Engineering Surveys

successBuilding and Structural inspection with defect mapping services
successTrial pits and breakouts in order to measure structural details
successPreparation of structural details and engineering drawings (ACAD & Microstation)
successEngineering Condition Reports
successGround Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys

Concrete Testing (NDT & Intrusive Services)

successIn-situ compressive strength of concrete
successCorrosion assesment of embedded reinforcement
successUltrasonic Pulse Velocity surveys
successPermeability of concrete
successGround Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys using multiple frequencies
successPull-Off testing (strength or waterproofing)
successDust sampling for chlorides and carbonation depth measurement
successConcrete cover and reinforcement mapping
successAssessment of deterioration mechanisms
successChemical and laboratory investigations
successDiamond coring

Structural Monitoring & Load Testing Services

successMonitoring the in-situ performance of structural elements
successLoad testing of structural elements (proof load tests)
successLoad testing of precast elements (kerbs, lintels, cills and all precast elements used in construction

Steel Testing (NDT & Intrusive Services)

successIn-situ estimation of tensile strength
successYield strength determination
successUltrasonic thickness measurements
successPortable hardness testing

Coating Investigations (NDT & Intrusive Services)

successVisual inspection
successIn-situ thickness measurements
successAdhesion testing

Materials Assessment

successMaterial quality assessments
successDefect investigations
successLaboratory Services

Anchor Loading and Proof Load Testing

successAnchor and Scaffold Tie Tensile Testing
successSlab lifting elements

Height Safety System Inspection

successCable fall arrest system inspection to include Latchways Mansafe and Sala RoofSafe to EN795:2012
successPersonal fall restraint eyebolt test and inspection