Structural Testing Essential for Management of Structures

May 21, 2014

The need to manage and maintain the existing stock of concrete structures is of fundamental importance to the owners, operators and all the users of these structures.  Classifying the maintenance demands of in-service structures can be challenging, often requiring specialist suCover meter Survey - Blogrveys and inspections.
There are many structural testing and investigation techniques currently available to engineers to examine and rapidly assess the cause, extent and severity of noted defects and to determine the overall condition of structures. 
Testing methods can include:
–  Cover to reinforcement;
–  Half-cell potential measurements;
–  Resistivity measurements;
–  Concrete strength;
–  Chloride content;
–  Carbonation depth.
The above techniques will provide essential data to identify the cause(s) of deterioration and enable an accurate condition assessment of the structure.
Our engineers use the latest equipment and techniques for structural testing and investigations. For more information on these techniques, please contact Dr Thomas Callanan in Infrastruct Asset Management Service Limited.